Plumbing Repairs & New rough-in


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A plumbing repair is not something most people are comfortable tackling on their own.

Whether your drain is backing up, your toilet is clogged or your water heater isn’t working, you need someone to respond to your needs quickly.

New plumbing Rough-in

Rough-in plumbing is the process of installing vents, sewers, connections and waterlines. During the finish plumbing phase, plumbers will finish installations and connections to get the home ready for use.

Drain Clearing Services

Call Anton service, your local plumbing experts… we can eliminate any stoppage in your plumbing system. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that once the clog has been located, whether in the sink, bathtub or shower, we’ll have the tools on the job to fix it.

Video Inspection

State-of-the-art video equipment helps take the guesswork out of sewer and water line repairs and replacement! It allows us to pinpoint the trouble spot and help visually confirm the cause of the problem by inserting our camera into the problem sewer line. This invaluable tool accurately diagnoses and allows us to fix your sewer problem at the source.

Sump Pump Products & Services

Studies show that 90 to 95 percent of all basements will experience a problem at some time with water penetration. This undesirable condition is one that something as simple as a sump pump could have prevented. We can install any sump pump and also offer a time-tested, high quality line of sump pumps to fit all your needs, including water back-up systems. We’ll dig the pit and install the pump, as well as install the discharge piping.

Sewer & Water Line Repair

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the water (and sewer) lines that run between your home and the street (or curb). When you have a problem, you’ll need help from a qualified plumber. Anton Heating and Cooling offers fast, professional sewer & water line repairs. We offer traditional and trenchless dig technology. If trenchless sewer line repair is an option for your home, you’ll be able to avoid digging up your hard.

Garbage Disposals

Replacing or installing a new garbage disposal can be a hassle, as it involves the uncomfortable, confined work space under your sink. We offer a variety of garbage disposals to meet your individual needs or we can install a garbage disposal that you provide.

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