Ductless Split Systems


Ductless Split Systems

We have a variety of ways to heat and cool your home. A ductless split system gives you the flexibility to control the temperature on a room-by-room basis

How it Works?

You may choose to install as many, or as few, individual room units as you desire. If you only need additional comfort in one room, one unit can be installed. You can also control every room in your home with a multi-unit system.

The units are mounted on the wall and wired to an outdoor unit. Both the indoor and outdoor units use efficient, quiet, and powerful DC motors and have high performance condensers and evaporators. Compressors are variable speed to adjust automatically to fluctuating room capacity requirements, and are inverter driven for optimal performance.

Benefits of a Split System
Comfort without Compromise. Keep the rooms you use most at precise temperatures for comfort. Keep the kitchen a little cooler than the rest of the house, or maintain your garage at a comfortable temperature. Even difficult-to-maintain rooms are easily controlled with a multi-unit system, because each area has its own control unit. All this adds up to maximum comfort, maximum efficiency, and minimum heating and cooling bills.

-Quiet Operation
-Allergy Control
-Efficiency – They are among the most efficient equipment available today.
-Ease of maintenance – Each unit’s filter is easily removable and washable. Merely wipe down the unit’s casing to keep it free of dust. That’s all the maintenance the unit requires!
-Wirelessly control each space.
-Year-round comfort

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